Sunday, August 17, 2008

Florence Traveling Sweden

Her Travels have been numerous during her stay in Sweden. Most recently she has reported in from Gotesberg on the west coast.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Florence in Sweden

After Florences's visit with Petra in Gemany she travelled on to Sweden. She was not able to access the internet for awhile and didn't get her travel log updated. She is now staying with Ingrid and recently traveled to Ljungbacka where she has been enjoying the country life. Stacking wood and making rag rugs.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The way Hale Sees It

Here is a video of Hales view of the trip from his spot on the dash. By Shingle Creek

Monday, June 23, 2008

Coney on Leave in Canada

For his post deployment Unit leave Coney travelled with Wuffy from Ft Bragg NC, to Nashville TN, to Oakland CA and finally to Spokane WA by air and then took the Greyhound bus up to Kamloops BC, Canada.

Nicki Bear Collects Recipes ... and fresh fruit

Nicki Bear arrived with a large recipe book for collecting recipes. Her interest in the garden and orchard is gaining her a lot of pie baking activity.
Last week she found some ripe strawberries and a large rhubarb patch. This week she has started on the cherries.

Lucky-Ducky swims through Iowa with Frogger

Lucky-Ducky and Frogger took a road trip to Iowa and although they enjoyed the beauty of the rocky mountains they got really excited about all the puddles in Iowa.

Their travel journals contains information on Eisenhower Tunnel in Colorado and the Platte River Archway in Nebraska.

They saw several other neat places too -- check it out.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Voyagers of the Week!

Morado as Voyager of the Week
This is Morado a previous winner of Voyager of the Week.Morado has clocked up more than 21,000 miles on his journey so far. Part of a family of six, he started out from New Mexico, heading up through America into Canada. From there he zipped across to Germany for a short stay before moving on to Japan and then Russia! His journey not only looks great on the map, but also looks brilliant in photos (these are just a few) - courtesy of some excellent hosting from ToyVoyagers members. Congratulations to everybody involved in the journey so far - we look forward to more!

Picado as Voyager of the Week
This is Picado a previous winner of Voyager of the Week.Picado is one of the famous Travelling Conejo family. The Conejos are famed for their adventurous nature, and ability to fit in with any situation: 'Coney' is with the US Army in Iraq, and his other siblings are travelling far and wide on their own personal journeys. Picado has travelled to Australia and Switzerland (see bottom picture for an amazing mountain landscape), visiting willow and annbear, but is currently travelling on the USATVT (which his mentor, wourpet, organises and manages). He's already seen New Mexico, Oregon, Virginia and Florida. He has a couple more states to see before he goes to seek adventure elsewhere. One thing is certain, where there is fun to be had, and places to see, Picado - or one of his brothers or sisters - will be there, flying the flag for the USA with his intrepid adventures.